It was a calm, cool November night when passengers onboard the Mary Ward left for Collingwood Harbour. A storm was looming and when the vessel came aground, that’s when disaster struck....

It’s an experience like none other. Let Collingwood Adventure Voyages escort you through history.

Even after 140 years of sitting under the shallow waters of Georgian Bay it is amazing what has survived. Over 86’ feet of the original structure still remains and many parts of the rear drive line. Throughout the wreck site are other bits of the vessel scattered with the years of ice break up.

Hear the story, full of controversy that led to the deaths of 8 passengers, a vessel sunk, a heroic lighthouse keeper and a Captain who got away...

Our all-inclusive trip includes

  1. Direct travel to the wreck site using an inflatable boat

  2. All the necessary equipment is supplied for snorkeling and viewing the wreck

  3. The most unique photo opportunities in the area

The Shipwreck of the Mary Ward

Shipwreck Exploring/Snorkeling

Tour Details

Length: 4.0 Hours

$75 Adult

$45 Youth (with 2 adults)


Reservations are required


call to book


Our priority is to provide each guest with a safe and enjoyable experience. Our vessel operators are trained to the highest standards and to follow

all safety procedures. All personal protection equipment is inspected daily as well as our vessels. For more information ask your Captain!


Tours will run in most weather conditions. In the case of a thunderstorm, high winds or heavy rain, we may be forced to cancel a tour.

If we decide to cancel, any deposits made for that tour will be reimbursed.

Water Conditions

Tours will run in most water conditions. In the case of larger swells beyond reasonable safety for passengers, the tour may be altered or cancelled

entirely. If we decide to cancel, any deposits made for that tour will be reimbursed.

Ultimately the Vessel Operator has the final say, using their own discretion and judgement when making these decisions.

What to wear

  1. -Comfortable footwear

  2. -Swim wear and Towel (There are no change room facilities available)

  3. -Clothing that is appropriate for the weather

Please use your own discretion when selecting clothing to participate in our tour. On cooler days in the spring and fall, you may want to bring

a light jacket or sweater. Dress in layers for the best comfort.

We do not allow smoking once you are aboard the vessel.

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